7 Tips for Wedding Photographers!

February 4, 2023

Wedding photography is an art form that captures one of the most important and memorable days of a couple's life. As a wedding photographer, it is your responsibility to not only take beautiful and creative photos but to also provide a seamless and stress-free experience for the bride and groom (it's one of the most stressful days of peoples lives, so we need to be the calm ones. Even if things aren't going to plan haha). Here are a few tips for capturing stunning wedding photos:

  • Plan ahead: Meet with the couple beforehand to discuss their vision for their wedding day and any specific shots they would like you to capture. Make sure to plan out a timeline for the day, including the ceremony and reception, to ensure you have enough time for all of the desired photos. For me personally, I give myself 1 1/2 hours for family photos and bride and groom photos. This will vary depending on the size of the family. Which is why it is great to speak to your couple about these things first!
  • Scout the location: Take the time to visit the wedding venue and surrounding areas to familiarize yourself with the best spots for photos. This will help you to be prepared on the day of the wedding and know where to position yourself for the best shots. There is also an amazing app called "PhotoPills" that will allow you too see the position of the sun at any given time. This is SUPER handy when you can't visit the location at the same time as the wedding! 
  • Capture the moments: Weddings are full of emotional and candid moments that are just as important to capture as posed shots. Be on the lookout for these special moments and be ready to take a quick photo to preserve the memory. This can be difficult though depending on the people you are shooting. As you walk around, you may think you are being inconspicuous.. but trust me, you aren't. Unless they are deep into conversation (or deep into the sauce) they will know you are there. One way around this is too hold your camera at chest level. This is great if you have a mirrorless camera with a flip out screen.
  • Be prepared: Make sure to bring backup equipment, including extra batteries and memory cards, to ensure that you don't miss a shot due to technical issues. Something will break. It might not be now, but it is just matter of time. There was times when I was just starting out where I didn't have backups and had flash triggers break. If you can afford it BUY DOUBLES. It's also great practice to rotate your cards with new ones regularly, but with newer technology (like cfexpress) this is becoming less prominent to do.
  • Work with natural light: When possible, use natural light to create beautiful, soft, and romantic photos. If necessary, bring additional lighting equipment to supplement the natural light. I spent my first 3 years second shooting for a photographer who only used Flash photography. Even in perfect lighting conditions. This can create a period of time for your couples to disassociate from the moment. I want them to be laughing, kissing, walking and enjoying each other. Not watching a photographer set up a stand, light, connect triggers, adjust lighting, and then try to force a moment.
  • Be creative: Don't be afraid to try new angles and techniques to capture unique and creative photos. Experiment with different lens options, compositions, and perspectives to find what works best for each shot. Now with that being said. Get your safe shots first. You wouldn't want to try a new technique on a wedding day and have it not turn out. Get the basics, then start experimenting! One thing I like to carry with me is a prism! You can get fantastic reflections to block unwanted clutter, or even reflect items back into frame that are across the room! (I have a great example of this on my instagram. Photo is of a bride who had a "Mrs." jean jacket hanging across the room. I used my prism and balanced the frame with the jacket and the bride!)
  • Communication is key: Stay in communication with the bride and groom throughout the day to make sure you are capturing the photos they want. Don't be afraid to ask for their input or suggestions to ensure they are happy with the final result. At the end of the day, we aren't the ones getting married, and we don't know every aspect of their life. Talking with the couple throughout the day to make sure absolutely nothing is missed will give reassurance to them that everything will be documented. Now, don't take this to far. Take the all the photos you think you need first (i.e. establishing shots, details of rings, watches, jewelry) and then ask. You wouldn't want to be annoying to the couple where they think you don't know what you're doing! haha

By following these tips, you can ensure that you capture stunning and memorable photos that the bride and groom will treasure for a lifetime.

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